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What is the Scottish Flood Forum

The Scottish Flood Forum is a Scottish based Charitable Organisation that provides support for and represents those who are affected by or are at risk of flooding and is funded by the Scottish Government. Call: 01698 839021 or Contact us

If you have been affected by flooding or you are at risk of flooding you have come through to the right website

Our dedicated team of Flood Recovery Specialists are here to help support and advise you, whatever your query or concern

Please view our website or contact us for further information about Flood Insurance, the aftermath of Flooding and Flood Property Protection

What we provide to you

What we do

Help, advice and information if you’re flooded or at flood risk.

Flood advice, information, awareness, education and training to all parts of the private, voluntary and statutory sectors to help reduce the risk of flooding and particularly to support the recovery process following a flood incident.

Our aim is to establish a network, throughout Scotland, of community flood resilient groups to share information, experience and best practice.

Flooding recovery and advice

Flooding problem

  • Working in partnership with local authorities, we provide rapid deployment of recovery support to local authorities and communities following a flood throughout Scotland.
  • Local authority and voluntary sector recovery training.
  • Business continuity training for SME’S.
  • Operational advice and strategy to flooded communities, individuals and businesses.
  • Establish community recovery centres providing skilled advice and on going support for as long as appropriate following a flood.
  • Help in forming a resilient community through exhibitions and information in promoting property flood protection and community emergency plans.
  • Free property flood protection surveys.

Why is flooding such a problem?

Flooding of communities has potentially devastating implications for people and their property. Such flooding can start from various sources (e.g. rivers, the sea, surface water and the sewerage system) but the negative impacts are the same.

Climate change is predicted to increase the risk of such flooding over the coming decades:  it is therefore imperative that the resilience of communities at flood risk is enhanced – through the raising of awareness, avoiding the risk of flooding in the first instance, alleviating flood risk through physical intervention (natural or engineered defences) and, importantly, having the capacity in place to assist those communities who suffer flooding.


How to form a Community Flood Group