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Am I at risk from flooding?

Your house may be at risk from flooding if:

  • Flooding has occurred before in your area.
  • SEPA provides a flood warning service for your area.
  • There is a concern in your local community about the risk of flooding.

Flooding can be caused by water coming from a variety of sources that might not necessarily be nearby or obvious. Sources of floodwater which may affect your property include:

  • Heavy rainfall.
  • Rivers (fluvial).
  • The sea.
  • Ditches and drainage channels.
  • Frozen or burst pipes.
  • Surface water (pluvial) runoff from slopes or hard surfaces.
  • Backup/overload of drainage systems and of waste water drains.
  • Water rising out of the ground.

What level of flooding can I expect?

The water depth is a key factor determining the amount of flood damage. This can be taken as the highest flood level at the property, or in the area, in living memory or on record. You will need to consider the maximum flood depth, because the deeper the flood, the greater the amount of damage that can be caused.

Your local authority and library may also hold records of past flooding events. Your local community will also be a valuable source of information on the severity of past flooding events. SEPA may be able to advise on the level of past floods in your area. Visit SEPA web site or contact the Floodline on 0345 988 1188.