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Distractions, housebreaking and rogue traders

After a flood, beware of doorstep callers who may trick or steal from you. They may try to gain entry by asking to turn off water or check the electricity.

Always put the chain on when answering the door and make sure windows and other doors are locked (just in case an accomplice tries to enter elsewhere while you are talking). Check the caller’s ID and phone the company to check they are genuine if you have any doubt.

Call a neighbour or Police for assistance if you are worried.

Rogue traders

If callers offer to do work, the Association of British Insurers recommend that you should:

  • Beware of tradesmen who can start the next day – reputable ones are usually busy.
  • Ask to be put in touch with past clients to see samples of work.
  • Beware of someone who gives only a mobile number and no business address.
  • If someone calls and says that they are from the Insurance Company – check first.
  • If in doubt contact your insurance company / insurance adjuster or the Scottish Flood Forum on Helpline number 01698 839021
  • Don’t pay in advance, do pay in stages and don’t make the final payment until you are happy with the work.
  • You can use your own builder so book a local reputable builder early. There could be a real shortage of builders.

Please don’t pay everything in advance whatever the builder might say. If they threaten you call the police, do pay in stages and don’t make the final payment until you are happy with the work. Don’t sign anything until you are happy with the work either. If in doubt speak to the Scottish Flood Forum on Helpline number 01698 839021