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Emergency flood kit

Being prepared will make things so much easier if your home is ever flooded. Putting together a flood kit ‘grab bag’ is a key way of minimising the risks and surviving the worst, if you choose to stay in your home or are evacuated to a rest centre.

Essentials if you are evacuated to a rest centre:

  • Insurance documents and other important documents.
  • Mobile phones and any chargers.
  • Children’s essentials (milk, baby food, sterilised bottles & spoons, nappies, wipes, nappy bags, clothing, comforter, teddy or favourite toy).
  • Emergency cash and credit cards.
  • Essential prescription medication / repeat prescription forms.

What you should also consider:

  • Insurance emergency helpline, local council and emergency service numbers, family and friends telephone numbers, local radio frequencies.
  • Portable battery radio. A windup radio is a good backup.
  • Torch with spare batteries is best. A windup torch is a good backup.
  • Camera to record damage for insurance purposes (digital cameras are best).
  • Bottled water (check use-by date).
  • Non-perishable food items (including energy or cereal bars).
  • Wash kit and essential toiletries (including toilet and wet wipes).
  • Blankets, duvets, warm clothes.
  • Pack of playing cards or family games.
  • Additional items: wellington boots, waterproof clothing, rubber gloves.
  • First aid kit.