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The Scottish Flood Forum is a charity and the only organisation uniquely devoted to all issues concerning flooding in Scotland. We are committed to helping and supporting people who have flooded and communities at risk.

Flood home surveyFlood protection home surveys

We, in partnership with your local authority, can arrange a  survey to be carried out at your home or business. These surveys can be arranged by appointment and will be carried out when the Scottish Flood Forum is next in your area.

We aim to give advice as to the type of protection and suitability of products that will minimise the risk of flooding to your property.

We also make recommendation of minor repairs to your property that may prevent entry of water.

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Hydro SackFlood protection products

The most important issue that faces anyone that is at risk of flooding, or who has already suffered an incidence, is how to make your property flood resilient.

As the flood protection industry grows, with new products appearing on a regular basis, we have sought to maintain close relationships with the manufacturers and agents of those products.

Air brick covers and more air brick covers
Commercial barriers
Door barriers, 2, 3
Miscellaneous and more products
Sand bags and valves


We do not endorse any individual product or company and take no responsibility for any issues or disputes arising as a result of their purchase or use. However, we feel that it is important to provide you the consumer with independent and unbiased advice about available products so that informed decisions can be made. Further details can be found at:
The Blue Pages Directory and JTA Flood