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The Scottish Flood Forum (SFF) is hosting an information evening with Glencairn Community Council on Monday 14th August at 7.30pm to 9.00pm in the Glencairn Memorial Hall in Moniaive.

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Flood Re logo-LiveFloodRe, a joint Government and insurance industry scheme launched during April to help qualifying properties find affordable insurance. If you are renewing your quote, or have been refused insurance due to previous flooding in your property, now is the time to shop around. When you phone your insurance company, make sure you ask them two questions:

  • – Are you part of the FloodRe Scheme?
  • – Is my property eligible for the FloodRe Scheme?

If you are eligible, make sure you keep shopping around until you find an insurance company who is part of the scheme. See and watch the video for more information and to see a list of insurance companies who are part of the scheme.

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Flood grants scheme

01 Apr, 2016

Floods Grant Scheme

If you have been affected by any of the serious flood events in December 2015 and January 2016, you can find out how to claim financial assistance on the Flood Protection Grants page of the Scottish Government website.





Future flood preventionThe Scottish Flood Forum has recently submitted evidence to the EFRA committee flooding review.

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18 Sep, 2015

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Scottish Flood Forum welcomes the announcement from DEFRA and the Association of British Insurers for reaching an agreement on flood insurance for properties at flood risk. This scheme is to be known as ‘Flood Re’

More information can be found at:

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available

This group seeks to bring together users of weather forecasting in the case of  the Scottish Flood Forum – weather data to enable an assessment to be made regarding flood risk and location.

The day was spent in looking at the collation of data and more importantly the use of that data in identifying and responding to severe weather.

Examples were taken fro the Dumfries and Galloway local authority as well as Scottish power and their response to the Argyle andButepower outage particularly on the Isle of Arran

A very informative and helpful day, a stark reminder of the unexpected vagrancies of Scottish weather.

For the past 3 years I have been a member of the Flood Memories Stakeholder Group.  This group meets atGloucesterUniversitytwice a year to bring together the individual stories from real people who have been flooded.

The aim is to collect as many stories as possible and from them identify common themes and issues that would enable a better understanding of flooding on communities.

The work of the group is currently focused onEnglandbut through the SFF involvement we hope to introduce a similar spin off project up here inScotland, but affiliated closely with the existing programme.

It is exciting to see early outcomes and the way in which communities react very differently from each other when threatened by flooding.

I will try to keep this programme updated but if you want to know more go to the flood memories web site

The Scottish Flood Forum is often asked in its busy schedule to be part of a number of Advisory Groups.

One such group is the National Flood Management Advisory Group, which seeks to bring together a number of key organisations – representatives from SEPA, Scottish Water, Local Authorities and many others.

The purpose is to consider the progress that is being made to implement, flood management protocol and strategies. Currently the SEPA flood risk maps are being upgraded and time was spent in looking at how flood maps can convey important information that is readily understood by everyone.

When the maps are required to show, coastal, surface and river flooding the amount of data seen at the same time can appear to be confusing. A very interesting and worth while day, but I left with a deep appreciation of those who are working behind the scenes  in flood mapping and some of the complexity of their duties. – I think the phrase is ‘rather them than me’.

Tuesday 4th June saw the Stonehaven recovery group meeting together again under the Chair of Aberdeenshire Council, It was a salutary reminder of  just how many issues there still are.

One of the greatest successes have been the establishment of a Stonehaven Flood Action Group, and a Stonehaven Flood fund – supported by many local businesses, whose generosity has been outstanding.

Those who have responsibility for sub groups on the recovery group have worked diligently and sacrificially in endeavouring to bring support and assistance to those affected by the December Floods.

Although much work is still ongoing there is a marked improvement in properties still affected,  it will be a good day indeed when signs in windows stating ‘caution – house under repairs do not enter’  are removed for good.

Currently  the focus is to minimise the possibility of flooding ever happening again –