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Cupar Flooding

10 Jul, 2009

Paul Hendy introduces himself to a flood affected resident in Cupar

Just as promised earlier, Paul Hendy of the Scottish Flood Forum was joined by John Thomson of Freuchie Flood Action Group during a visit to the flood affected town of Cupar.

Upon arrival Paul and John found the local church minister talking to a group of affected residents. Flood recovery companies had been onsite to start the clear-up process and loss adjusters and surveyors were consulting with residents about the flood damage to their homes.

A number of homes had been affected by the flash flood that had hit Ceres Road, bring down garden walls, flooding lower floors of homes, depositing mud and silt on every surface the flood waters touched and general causing devastation to this community.

Flood damaged homes in Cupar Flood damaged homes in Cupar
Photos: Damage to homes and property in Ceres Road, Cupar

The badly affected Burnside area and town centre were also visited with information leaflets being provided to businesses and householders. It had also been reported in the media that Springfield had been badly hit by flooding,  but thankfully no properties appeared to have been damaged by the flood water.

The Scottish Flood Forum will be setting up support services over the coming weeks and months to assist this community. Please keep an eye on this website and the local newspapers for further information.

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